Dominik Eulberg – Dreizehenspecht


Keen ornithologist, Montabaur based Dominik Eulberg released his fifth studio album ‘Mannigfaltig’ back in September 2019. The single Goldene Acht has been a previous #SOTD but the whole album is so good! Out on .

Tags: #ambient #electronic

The Colours That Rise – Home Time


The Colours That Rise are a based production duo, comprised of and . The duo’s previous “2020” EP was released back in 2017 on Breaker Breaker label. (Ross From Friends’ previous #SOTDs here: Pale Blue Dot and here: John Cage (Edit).) The new The Colours That Rise release instead comes out on (Peckham,  based label established by ).

Tags: #african-vibes #electronic #jazz